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Meta art in meta life

NFT generative art from Japan.

What's NEW

11/17 SOWTEN is under the TokyoLeaps umbrella and  renews our brand image.
Check it out at Opensea.




Web3 is upon us; a world free from centralized power.
The opportunity for game changers and mavericks who will lead the emergent business scene will come together to forge a new era.
We are forging the way by way of Tokyo Leaps- an Art & Tech Business producer collective.


What is SOWTEN?

SOWTEN is an NFT art project that aims to quilt together Japanese manga aesthetics into a world that combines Ukiyo-e and Pop-art. The seamless transitions between the traditional and the new by way of collaging them by removing a subject from its artistic context and reconstituting it in a new one. Our engineers programmatically integrate hundreds of hand drawn assets by Japanese and American Artists to create 5,555 works of art. Each artwork is called “Agents”. Agent holders will have priority in all subsequent projects we work on in the future and will be able to have experiences only they can have.


Contact us

Please contact "SOWTEN" team.

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